Federal Sentencing

Federal Sentencing

Penalties for many federal crimes are very stringent. If you have been convicted of a federal crime and your attorney does not have significant experience with, or knowledge of, federal sentencing law, you should consider hiring a different lawyer with experience in federal sentencing law before the sentencing takes place.

The Supreme Court’s landmark 2005 decision in United States v. Booker, took the “mandatory” out of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and essentially changed that word to “advisory.” However, even before Booker, having an attorney who knows and understands federal sentencing law could have a significant impact on the sentence handed down and where that sentence would be served.

Now, instead of merely going by a defendant’s ‘score’ on a grid, judges are free to consider personal factors such as the history and character of the defendant, including family situation, age, health concerns and more. The experienced attorneys at the Law Offices of Victor Sherman, APLC know how to take advantage of these new opportunities.

Mr. Sherman is creative in developing alternative sentencing options and can persuasively argue mitigating circumstances on behalf of the clients. Mr. Sherman has established an excellent reputation and has a history of producing very favorable results for his clients at sentencing.


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