Representation of an Attorney During the Watergate Hearings

Mr. Sherman represented an attorney involved in covert, alleged deceitful activity on behalf of re-election of the President of the United States during the Watergate hearings.  Ultimately, Mr. Sherman was able to convince the Special Counsel’s Office to allow the defendant to plead guilty to misdemeanor charges, and he received a sentence of six months.  In a later action brought by the California State Bar, counsel was able to convince the California Supreme Court not to disbar the attorney.  In reaching this result, the Supreme Court imposed a requirement of an ethics exam for the attorney in order to maintain his bar license.  This ethics exam became standard procedure throughout the United States for all attorneys as a necessity for obtaining their licenses in their respective states.  Mr. Sherman also appeared with the attorney before Congress in connection with the Watergate investigation.  The client testified for approximately eight hours on national television with counsel at his side.